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    59 Findhorn Place

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    2011 Elizabeth II Fifty Pence

    Coin ID: 2146

    Price: £3.00   Sold

    Coin Statistics
    Denomination:Fifty Pence
    More information about grading coins
    Material:Cupro Nickel
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    Monarch:Elizabeth II
    More information about Elizabeth II
    Country:United Kingdom
    Mint:Llantrisant (Wales)
    Olympic Taekwondo Fifty Pence

    The reverse was designed by David Gibbons from Derbyshire, David is a retired social worker who indulges himself in his life long passion for art.

    Obverse Inscription - ELIZABETH·II·D·G REG·F·D·2011 when translated means By the grace of God Elizabeth II Queen and defender of the faith 2011

    Reverse Inscription - 50 PENCE

    More Information About Elizabeth II Fifty Pence's
    In 1971 British money was decimalized and that's when the first Fifty Pence piece was first issued. However to help people become used to the new currency some coinage was issued early to gradually help people get used to the new money. In 1969 the Fifty Pence was issued to circulate early alongside its equivalent the Ten Shilling note.

    The Fifty Pence is the most varied modern British coin. Their have been only three different portraits used but the different number of reverses is immense. The standard reverse throughout most of its history has been a seated Britannia joined by a Lion lying down beside her. This was replaced in 2008 when all the reverses of Britain's coins excluding the Two Pound coin were redesigned by Matt Dent. The Fifty Pence lends its self perfectly to be used for Commemorative coins. At the time of writing this their have been 13 Commemorative Fifty Pence's excluding the Olympic and the Paralympic Games designs.
    In total their are 28 commemorative 50p's for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, each coin design represents a sport in the games, its a nice sentiment to represent each individual sport with its own coin but the cost of the whole set is proved very unpopular with many collectors. On top of the 28 50p's their is also a Completer Medallion which can be purchased at further expense to the collector, it does not say whether or not its legal tender so I'm assuming it isn't. With the moans bit out the way i do think its good to have the designing of the coins left open to anyone willing to compete on a level playing field, not all the designers are professional full time artists and the carriers of the designers vary from a agronomist, a 9 years old child to a delivery driver and i think this is pretty cool.

    More information about Fifty Pence's can be found on the Fifty Pence's page.