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    59 Findhorn Place

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    1891 Victoria Farthing

    Coin ID: 3017

    Price: £60.00
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    Coin Statistics
    Condition:Extremely Fine
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    Country:United Kingdom
    Mint:London Royal Mint
    1891 Bun Head Victoria Farthing

    Obverse Inscription - VICTORIA D:G: BRITT.REG:F:D: - By the Grace of God Victoria Queen of the Britons and Defender of the Faith

    Reverse Inscription - F A R T H I N G 1891

    Very Close to UNC. Still has lustre and beautifully toned.
    More Information About Victoria's Bun Head Farthing's
    The first British Farthing's were minted during the Reign of Queen Anne in 1714, and  ceased circulation in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1960. Farthing's ceased being minted in 1956 due to lack of demand and in 1960 they were demonetized altogether bringing and end to 246 years of Farthing's being in circulation.

    Farthing's were struck during Victoria's Reign from 1838 until 1901. Bun Head Farthing's were struck from 1860 until 1895. Bun Head Farthing's all had the same diameter of 20 millimetres, weight of 2.84 grams and were made of a bronze alloy of alloy of 95% copper 4% tin and 1% zinc.

    The obverse was engraved by Leonard Charles Wyon. In keeping with tradition Victoria's portrait faces to the left, in the opposite direction to her predecessor. Victoria's portrait depicts her wearing a Laureate (A Crown of leafs) and her hair is held in a bun at the back of her head.

    The reverse was also engraved by Leonard Charles Wyon. The reverse device is of Britannia seated holding a Trident in her left hand and her right hand is resting on a shield emblazoned with a Union Flag. Their is a light house in the distance to Victoria's left and a ship in the distance to her right.
    More information about Farthing's can be found on the CoinWiki Farthing's page.