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    59 Findhorn Place

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    1965 Elizabeth II Penny

    Coin ID: 511

    Price: £0.50   Sold

    Coin Statistics
    Condition:Extremely Fine
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    Monarch:Elizabeth II
    More information about Elizabeth II
    Country:United Kingdom
    Mint:London Royal Mint
    Elizabeth II 1965 Penny

    Obverse Inscription - ELIZABETH·II·DEI·GRATIA·REGINA·F:D: - By the Grace of God Elizabeth II Queen and Defender of the Faith.

    Reverse Inscription - ONE PENNY 1965

    Close to UNC
    More Information About Elizabeth II Pennies
    The Penny dates back to before the formation of the English nation. Copper was first used in the striking of the Penny during the Reign of George III in the year 1797. Bronze was used as a more hard wearing, longer lasting alternative in 1860 and was used until the Decimal Penny was debased in 1992 using copper plated steel as the bronze had a higher value than the face value of the Penny.

    Elizabeth II Pre-decimal Pennies were struck from 1953 until 1967. Their were two different types on account of their being two different inscriptions. The first type was only struck 1953 and the second type was struck from 1954 to 1967.

    The obverse was engraved by the sculptor Mary Gillick. In keeping with tradition Elizabeth's portrait faces to the right, in the opposite direction to his predecessor. Elizabeth's portrait depicts her wearing a Laureate (A Crown of leafs).

    The reverse device is of Britannia seated facing right, holding a Trident in her left hand and her right hand is resting upon a shield which is emblazoned with a Union Flag.
    More information about Pennies can be found on the CoinWiki Pennies page.